Up to now you have had your driving instructor with you but as a full driving licence holder you are ready to drive independently. This can be quite daunting, but if you want to prepare yourself further and save money on your car insurance at the same time you should consider taking the Pass Plus course.
Statistics show that new drivers aged between 17 and 25 are more likely to have an accident that could result in a serious injury or even death. This is why the Pass Plus Training Scheme was introduced. It allows newly qualified drivers who are inexperienced and want increase their confidence in order to improve their driving skills under the observation of a driving instructor. The Pass Plus course is extra training after your driving test. The insurance companies reward you by offering cheaper car insurance and you benefit by improving your driving skills further. The Pass Plus has been introduced by the DVSA working together with insurance companies. Your Just Ladies Pass Plus instructor will be give you a list of insurance companies that take part in the Pass Plus scheme and could offer you a discount once you have completed the course

What does the Pass Plus course comprise of?

The Pass Plus course is made up of 6 modules:

1. Driving In town: In this module you will be taught how to drive on busy and tricky roads You will also be taught how to be more aware of hazards like cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Another thing you will be taught is the importance of keeping up with other traffic and not driving too slow and how you can use eye contact with other road users as well as looking at their body language to help you see and anticipate what the other driver is doing.
2. Driving In all-weather types: In this module you will be taught how to drive in harsh weather for example in heavy rain, thick fog, sleet or snow. You will also be taught on how to deal with your car skidding and how to prevent losing control in the first instance. Your Just Ladies driving instructor will show you where the controls are like fog lights, wipers, demisters etc. along with why and when to use them.
3. Driving on rural roads: Here you will be taught about how to drive on rural roads and the differences from driving in town. You will also be introduced to hazards that you might not come across in urban driving like agricultural vehicles, horse riders and how to use passing places.
4. Driving at night: In this module you will be taught how and when to use the correct lighting. You will be also taught the consequences of dazzling other drivers and how to deal with getting dazzled yourself.
5. Dual carriageways: Here you will be taught how to join and leave a dual carriageway and when you should use a central reservation area.
6. Motorways: In this module you will be taught on how to drive on faster roads like a motorway. You will taught about the importance of keeping the correct following distance due to the higher speeds involved along with the importance of looking and assessing further down the road than on a normal road.

When you have completed the Pass Plus course there is no test to be taken, instead you will be assessed by your Just Ladies driving instructor. The only requirement to take the Pass Plus course is a full UK driving licence.