Wondering why you should become a driving instructor?

Here are some reasons why people want to become driving instructors

1. Changing lives: You will need lots of patience to become a driving instructor but you will make a big difference too many people’s lives. A driving licence can open many new job opportunities for people. You will feel very proud that you helped make that difference.
2. Flexible working hours: You are in control of your diary. You can work where and when you want.
3. To help find success: Watching your pupils succeed at passing their driving test is an experience you can be part of every day.
4. Job security: Once you have qualified as a driving instructor, it is regular work as long there are cars people need driving instructors help them learn to drive them.
5. To stay young: Being with pupils of different ages and backgrounds helps you stay connected to current events and trends.

The only requirements to become a driving instructor are that you need to be at least 21 years old and to have held a full U.K driving licence or European/ Economic driving license for at least 3 years. The only other requirement is to be able to do is read a car number plate of a distance of:
26.5m for vehicles with a new style number plate or
27.5m for vehicles with an old style number plate.

If you feel training to be a driving instructor is the correct move for you. We have professional driving instructor trainers who will do their utmost to help you pass the 3 examinations.

So what is the next step?

You have to pass three tests to become a driving instructor in the following order:

Part 1- Multiple choice theory test and hazard perception test:

The first section of this test has two elements. The first is a multiple choice theory test. A lot like the theory test you took to pass your learner driving test. The main difference is you have to answer one hundred questions and to pass this section you have to answer eighty five or more correctly.

The second element of the theory test is a hazard perception test. It is like the hazard perception test you took for the learner driving test. Here you are shown fourteen video clips and have too gain 57 marks or more to pass the test.

Ultimately to pass part one of the instructor training course you have to pass both elements of the test. You will be given all the required study material to pass examination by us. We will train you and assess you before you take the real exam; so we can be sure you are prepared to take the test. Although most candidates pass first this section can be retaken as many times as needed there is no limit of attempts you can have.

Part 2- Driving Test:

This section is a test of your driving ability. It is again like the driving test you took for your learner driving test but to pass this section you are only permitted to make up to 6 minor mistakes. If you accumulate 7 or more minor mistakes or even 1 serious or dangerous fault you will fail this section.

You will only allowed 3 attempts at this section. If you fail more than 3 times you won’t be allowed to take section 3 instead you have retake section 1 of course once 2 years have passed from the date of passing part 1.
The training we provide will improve your driving as well as get you familiar with the driving test routes.

Part 3- Instructional Ability Test:

This is the last section of the test. It will evaluate your capacity to teach learner drivers. Here you will teach a real pupil whilst the driving examiner will be sitting at the back of the car. You will have to deliver a driving lesson according to your pupils needs. You will also have to identify and correct any mistakes your pupil makes . This test is one hour long.

For some people this is the toughest test. Without the correct training it is a very hard test but you don’t have to worry as our Just Ladies Driving Instructor trainers have many years of experience behind them.

They sat in the back of many tests so they are aware what the examiners are looking for and what you need to do to pass the test. In order to gain the knowledge to pass this test we will give you 40 hours of training.

When you have done the 40 hours of training, we will sponsor you as a Potential Driving Instructor. You will be permitted you to teach real learner students. This will allow you to improve your skills on the most proficient method to teach learner drivers. Another advantage of being granted a trainee badge is it allows you to earn some cash.

As with the part 2 test you are only permitted 3 attempts to pass part3. In the unlikely event you don’t pass after 3 attempts you will have to retake the course from part 1 again once 2 years have passed from the date of passing part 1.

We want you to enjoy training for the driving instructor course and not find it a burden. That is why we permit you to pay for the course on a pay as you go basis. The whole course will be tailored to your needs so it can be done full time or part time around your current commitments.

To find out more on how we can help you become a driving instructor please ring us on 0121 270 5659